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Join Weymouth Heritage Centre and Coastline Cruises on a remarkable voyage around The Isle of Portland and D-Day Discovery Cruise to uncover the pivotal role this area played in the D-Day operations during World War II. This year, as we commemorate the D-Day 80th anniversary, embark on a cruise that not only takes you through scenic views but also through the corridors of time, where the echoes of the past meet the waves of the present.

Join us on a Journey of Remembrance, with a linked walking tour, starting at the Old Pier on the Esplanade, we take you on a journey in the footsteps of heroes. WE join Coastline Cruises in a period pleasure craft, once used in action by the Royal Navy during 1939 – 45 to supply men and materials to the Portland Harbour defences, and to ferry many men to their military posts.

You can enhance your experience with an optional visit to the Castletown D-Day Centre (ADDITIONAL COST). This immersive museum captures the essence of the 1944 troop embarkations, offering a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made, as well as finish your tour in the nearby Portland Castle, used as the Operations Centre for the Embarkation of American Forces during the “Overlord Operation” in June 1944.

This is a walking/maritime tour, led by a costumed guide, starting outside the Pilgrim House in Hope Square, at Brewers Quay. Please email your preference – this tour has a 12-person capacity.


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