Full or half day sessions with costumed interpreters giving talks and demonstrations based on National Key Stage History objectives, local history or themed characters. These presentations can take place at your location, either outdoors or within a School. All age groups catered for, sessions can be adapted to suit each groups needs, all our interpreters are CRB checked and risk assessments available for each activity.

From Key Stage 1, right through to Key Stage 5, we can cover the most of the Historical periods.

Linking Demonstrations from Living History experts from class based lessons to complete year or school based presentations, as well as historical site visits, we can bring History alive and give teachers and children memorable learning experiences from many Historical periods. Presentations can be given on aspects of local history, or how local people and places directly impacted on a wider world. Such activities as Quill Pen writing, or Latin for beginners, simple but enjoyable interactive dance lessons, archery, medieval games, and other history based activities from Roman to Tudor, and Medieval to modern day. We can produce bespoke packages that suit your school’s curriculum, as all presentations can be developed to your requirements, please e-mail us with your ideas or requirements.

In Weymouth, we can arrange an indoor venue, heated, with catering services, and a bar (if required). There is a 80 seated capacity, with disabled access and toilets. We also offer guided history tours around the surrounding area of Weymouth Old Harbour, or further afield tailored to your requirements on a variety of subjects.

Themed characters, such as “A day in the life of……….”

Stone Age – Life in the Neolithic Period, based on archeological evidence found on Portland at Culverwell

Bronze Age – Life on the Isle of Britannia, with an insight into early uses of metallic Ores

Iron Age – Life on the Isle of Britannia, with an insight into the Celtic Age and the use of Iron

43AD The Invasion of Britain and Imperial Rome and Romano-Britain (Including the assault of Maiden Castle by Vespasian)
1337 – 1453 – The “Hundred Years War” (Including Weymouth’s part in it!)
1455 – 1485 – The “Wars of the Roses” (Including the landing in Weymouth of Queen Margaret of Anjou’s Army in 1471)
1509 – 1603 – Tudor dynasties (Including the Tudor Towns of Weymouth & Melcombe Regis)
1603 – 1660 – Stuart dynasties and “The English Civil Wars” (including the Battle and Siege of Weymouth Feb 1645)
1685 – 1688 – The “Monmouth Rebellion” and the Glorious Revolution
1689 – 1791 – Dorset and the Georgian Period, with George III and his new “Holiday Town” on the Dorset Coast
1792 – 1815 – The Regency period and the “Napoleonic Wars”, covering the Royal Navy, Smuggling, and the Customs & Excise

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